Michael's Monthly Recommendations (March 2019)

Michael Fairley

01 Apr 2019

I read, watch, listen to, play, and use a ton of different things, and each month, I pick out a few of my favorites to recommend.

By the numbers

Baba Is You (Windows/Mac/Linux/Switch)  Arvi “Hempuli” Teikari

Baba Is You is a puzzle game where the rules you have to follow are present as physical objects in the game world. By manipulating the rules, you can change how the game works, repurpose things you find in the levels and cause surprising interactions!

This is easily one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. (And I’ve played a lot of puzzle games.)


In the near future, Russia initiates a “silk glove” invasion of Norway to restart oil production, but soon uncertainty, chaos and danger erupt.

When traveling, I find it fun to enjoy some media from the place I’m visiting. For our recent trip to Norway, Bri and I picked out this popular Norweigan TV show to watch, and it’s quite good.

The Gone World   Tom Sweterlitsch
A excellent blend of sci-fi, murder mystery, horror, time travel, and thriller.

Throughline   NPR
A new history podcast that tells stories of events that are clearly still relevant today.

Why We Sleep   Matthew Walker
A great summary of science’s current understanding of what sleep does to our bodies, why we need it, and what goes wrong when we don’t get enough. It also has plenty of researched-backed advice on how to get better sleep and handle various sleep related problems. (Like many pop nonfiction books, it’s about twice as long as it needs to be.)

Orchestra   Worakls
Classical-inspired techno. Great music to work to.

Icons by Icon Solid.