Michael's Monthly Recommendations (June 2018)

Michael Fairley

30 Jun 2018

I read, watch, listen to, play, and use a ton of different things every month, and I pick out a few of my favorites to recommend.

Caliphate   The New York Times
A disturbing podcast that follows around a New York Times reporter as she researches ISIS. She tracks down and interviews a Canadian man who joined ISIS in Syria but later returned to Canada, talks to women who were enslaved by ISIS, and charges into Mosul with Iraqi forces in order to find whatever documents were left as ISIS fled.

Algorithms to Live By   Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths
Interesting book about applying various principles from computer science to various non-computer aspect of daily life. No computer science knowledge needed to enjoy it!

Tacoma (Windows/Mac/Linux/PS4/Xbone)  Fullbright
Narrative exploration game in the vein of Gone Home and Firewatch. A few hours well spent on an intriguing story with fantastic, uniquely-suited-to-a-game delivery.

Annihilation   Jeff VanderMeer
Near future sci-fi with an interesting dose of horror.

Bring the ice cube to the goal without exposing it to heat. (Play in your browser)  increpare
This is a cute and clever puzzle game with only 1 level.

Ghana’s Parent Trap and Intruders   Rough Translation
One of my favorite new podcasts from last year is back with a second season! This show focuses on interesting stories from around the world that echo issues we have in U.S., but with a local twist.

A Case Study in Not Being A Jerk in Open Source   Gary Bernhardt
Gary takes one of Linus Torvalds’s unnessecesarily inflammatory emails and rewrites it to be both nicer and clearer.

Slay the Spire (Windows/Mac/Linux)  Mega Crit
Wait? Wasn’t this included in May’s recommendations? Yep. It’s still good, and I’ve still been playing it a ton.

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